As an HSE School Board Member, I would 
  • Explore alternative testing methods to be incorporated with standardized testing. We are academically growing our kids with HSE 21 initiatives and we should be able to accurately assess that growth which is anything but standard!
  • Continue to and expand upon our partnership with the City of Fishers and unique learning opportunities. I believe that by doing so we provide real life learning opportunities for students and a possible connection to future employers.
  • Use my excellent interpersonal skills to collaborate with all stakeholders in the educational system. I believe it’s important to have input from all sources in order to make decisions. I promise to keep an open mind and be accepting of opposing viewpoints.
  • Be transparent in decision making (excluding topics that are not legally public) and communicate appropriately.
  • To continue to strive for promoting & encouraging parent engagement at all levels. To keep in mind this does not look the same for every family and focus on accommodating all family types.
  • Strive to continue to make HSE an employer of choice and focus on teacher retention.
  • Always keep ALL of our 20,000+ students’ best interests at heart, without losing sight of the individual child.