Vote Janet Pritchett for HSE School Board

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Early Childhood Education

Janet Pritchett believes that the best education starts early and has a lasting impact. That is why she would like to see the Fishers community institute accessible pre-K education. Studies show that children who attend preschool have higher graduation rates and lower discipline rates. Students can even retain academic and social skills years into their schooling, and see a significant increase in test results. An important part of this is ensuring that quality preschool is accessible and affordable. 

Studies from Georgia, Boston, and Tennessee all find that in order to see the best results from pre-K schooling, high participation rates and high quality standards are instrumental for success. This is why Janet’s vision of providing accessible, quality pre-K to the families of Fishers is so vital. 

Furthermore, accessible pre-K allows parents the ability to fulfill responsibilities outside of their parental duties. Early childhood education has advantages beyond consistent and reliable childcare, but even if it didn’t the benefits it poses to parents alone are enormous. This could allow more parents to feasibly enter the economy, or it could lessen the heavy burden that parenthood can at times be. 

For so many reasons, Janet’s vision of early childhood education has positive implications for the entire Fishers community. 

Creating Productive Global Citizens

HSE graduates are impressive young people, with so much potential. Janet’s goal is to expand opportunities for the citizens of tomorrow, by promoting language curriculums, and especially by promoting work experience prospects for our students. This involves partnering with local businesses for internships and looking to get involved with small scale work experience projects at our schools.

As a member of the HSE school board, Janet has overseen graduation rates of over 97% with substantial college readiness scores, according to a US News report. She hopes to expand upon this success with her next term in office.

Parental Access

Janet Pritchett believes that it is essential that parents are active participants in their child’s education. As a current Board member, she has worked to encourage more parents to become involved in helping their child succeed in the classroom by volunteering and communicating with teachers.

In her personal life, she has served on PTO’s and been a constant presence in the classroom via her own children. Janet regularly attends school meetings and seminars on important issues within our schools as a private citizen. She believes that every parent should have the ability to participate in their child’s education just as she has. 

As Janet knows from personal experience with her own family, a true partnership between the school and the parent is an important piece of the puzzle in making sure every child can excel in school, and if re-elected, Janet will continue to work with parents and the school district to find ways to help improve that partnership.