Amy Samuleson
HSE School District Parent

When I came to the RSI PTO as a new parent to talk about the need for a playground, Janet was the PTO Board member who committed to helping me make it happen. With the bus parking lot that had served as our playground, students with special needs had little or no play options; she quickly understood how beneficial the playground would be in promoting the social, emotional, and physical wellness of ALL our students, especially those who had previously been left out. Janet used her fantastic communication skills to build broad support on the PTO Board to use PTO funds to close the playground funding gap, allowing the playground to be built in less than a year.

In addition to the playground, I’ve worked with Janet on PTO projects at multiple schools for the past 6 years. Whatever task is on her plate, her top-notch leadership and planning skills ensure that it will be a success! Whatever project she chooses to champion, I know that our students, teachers, and community will benefit because Janet is committed to making our schools better. Whatever must be accomplished, I know that she will do it with energy, commitment, and caring because Janet is a person of the highest character. Whatever decision must be made, I know that Janet will seek input from all sides because she is committed to doing the right thing. Janet has a demonstrated track record in all these areas, and that is why I wholeheartedly support Janet Pritchett for the District 2 seat!

Joe Evans
HSE School District Parent

I have had the privilege to serve as PTO co-President with Janet Pritchett during a down economic time. Her leadership was paramount in balancing a budget that was running unnecessarily red, provide funds for the first iPads purchased for teachers at FES, and turn a profit that year. That is why she has my full support as an HSE School Board member.

Duncan Pat Pritchett
Retired Superintendent

Janet will do a great job for the children in Fishers. She is an advocate for children, teachers, parents and public education.